New Feb 2008 WW1 Roll of Honour

New March 2008 Locations of Houses & Businesses

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Special Request
Barbara Preston has made some very valuable contributions to this website. Her special interest is in the old Bodangora & nearby Jawbone hotels. The Tattersall Hotel can be seen in the first photo on the History page. Can you help her with any information or pics?
Contact her HERE

If you know of any other page, even remotely to do with Bodangora worth linking to
contact me.

What's on the web already?

The Peoples Voice on the War Memorial
(Feb 2007 - this link appears to be now dead. I'll leave the pic here though. Families represented l to r, Bullocks, Carters & Knowles).

Register of War Memorials website

Australian Cemeteries Index

Australasian Church Albums