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This page last updated March 2008.

Extensive records are available online from the *DIGS search engine, on the NSW Dept. Primary Industries, Minerals website. Just type Bodangora in the 'location' spot on the search engine.

The Mining History of Bodangora

(An extensive amount of information is available online on this subject).

As well as the main mining area, variously known as Mitchells Ck. or Bodangora mine, (which was possibly the 'principal gold mine in the State' in 1901), there was the Kaiser mine approximately 3 miles to the north, and the Jawbone alluvial workings, covering a large area, immediately to the south.

Mitchell's Creek - Bodangora. Quartz reef gold mine
Pre 1889
1889 - 1918
Post 1918

Kaiser - Gold & Copper quartz reef mine
Pre 1875 - abt 1881
Post 1899

Jawbone - Alluvial field
Old Jawbone - early 1870's
Jawbone - post 1899